Spectacular Design is a full service, niche media firm that produces experiential spaces using cutting-edge technology.

Times Square spectaculars are a one-of-a kind outdoor advertising medium. These engaging outdoor placements create an authentic and memorable experience to the millions of visitors to the world’s largest Outdoor Advertising Museum.
Besides the direct marketing to an extraordinary high amount of daily viewers, these placements have a disproportionate high value in the level of publicity they generate and online traffic through social sharing sites of photos and links.
Times Square is America’s epicenter for business, culture, media and entertainment and one of the busiest outdoor plazas on earth. The mixed, daily demographic here creates a buzz like no other place, mixing NYC professionals, residents, travelers, shoppers, young entertainment seeking crowd and spectators out on a stroll to see the “bright lights of the city”.
Spectacular Design Group is well positioned with our partnerships in the “Square” to bring brands to a new level of engagement with the millions of Times Square visitors. We can facilitate launch events of products and assist with special events whatever the occasion. We also have expert knowledge in using the latest mobile interactive technology to relay clever and unique messages to Times Square visitors. Let us know your idea and we will help you create a unique execution in the heart of America’s capital of media and entertainment.
Welcome to Spectacular Design Group

Spectacular Design Group offers a one-stop shop boutique service creating high-profile placements in the niche business of Times Square advertising. We are the premier experts in developing spectaculars from the initial conceptual phase, through design and engineering, to the final execution and on-going operation of digital video content.

Each brand is a unique opportunity that with the proper strategy can reap huge benefits from the value and buzz that Times Square offers. Our 25+ years of collective experience in this specialized industry ensures that we can successfully maneuver our clients to capitalize on the opportunities that are offered in this unique outdoor destination.

Times Square is an electrifying destination and we take great pride in living up to its expectations. It is SDG’s objective to engage and entertain New Yorkers & visitors from across the world by creating fresh, vivid and original pieces of urban art through a fusion of marketing and sophisticated digital technology.